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    Laws you should know if you are going to carry!

    I thought I would post links to the ARS statutes you should know if you carry a gun. If you read these thoroughly, they should also answer most questions people have about legalities while carrying.

    ARS Title 13 chapter 4:
    (Use of Physical force 13-403)
    (Self Defense 13-404)
    (Use of deadly physical force 13-405)
    (Defense of a 3rd person 13-406)
    (Use of force in crime prevention 13-411)

    ARS Title 13 Chapter 31:
    (Misconduct involving weapons 13-3102)
    (Concealed Weapons 13-3112)

    ARS Title 13 Chapter 15
    (Definitions 13-1501)
    All Chapter 15 is applicable to those carrying a handgun and use one to defend your home.* Chapter 15 statutes are the most likely to be violated by those carrying a firearm.

    ARS Title 4 Chapter 2
    (Handguns posting notice 4-229)
    (Unlawful acts 4-244.29)
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    Alan, I'm going to pin this thread to the navigation bar on the top of the webpage for now. That way we have something up there while we work on the other version of this post.
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    Thanks for this, it's difficult to make sure that your looking at the most current laws when online. It's always smart to cross reference and verify what the inter-web has to offer.

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    Arizona Gun Laws

    Am I right that there are no NC laws that prevent possession of a handgun by 18-20 year olds I search chapter 14 and didnt see any.

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    Arizona Gun Laws

    the only gun law that there should be should say something to this affect all citizens over the age of 18 years that are compitent mentally must own a firearm,if for no other reason but to help the people protectthem selves from a government that becomes tyranical in nature.

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