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02-02-2016, 01:55 PM
Hello Everyone,

New to the the whole group. My husband was part of the Facebook group and figured I'd join in as well.

We moved here (South Mesa) from Wisconsin in September 2015 to escape the nasty winters and enjoy riding our motorcycles year round. I'm loving that we can go camping in December! Love fishing, camping, riding the motorcycles and just trying new things. The hubby has gotten me more involved into guns and the more I shoot the more I love it.

Growing up I did not have a lot of experience with guns other than shooting my fathers hunting rifle every so often. Since about the age of 12 I don't think I have touched a gun until recently and never a hand gun. Took one of the beginner courses and have been out to the ranges trying out different guns on ladies night. The more I go, the more I enjoy it.

Looking to expand on the different guns I have shot before getting on of my own though I have a few favorites so far though I have only shot 9mm for hand guns. Its a good excuse to go to the range some more ;D

Anyways. - Hi!

02-02-2016, 02:13 PM
Welcome to the group here and welcome to AZ!

My family loves it here!

02-02-2016, 03:10 PM
Welcome! I'm glad to see your husband has convinced you to come over to the dark side. We have cookies and cool guns here. lol.

Anyways, in our Facebook group we had a ton of extremely knowledgeable members and a lot of them have already joined here on this site. If you ever have questions feel free to ask and there are almost always several people that can give you some great answers. Since you're still learning some of the stuff doing some more training classes might be beneficial for you, and they are a lot of fun too if you have a good instructor. Touch base with Alan Haynie from Upper Hand Defense (AZSig here on this stie) and see what kind of classes he offers that would meet your needs. He is hands down the best trainer here in the valley. To kind of give you an idea, I'm not new to guns by any means and I have still learned a ton from Alan. Give him a shout sometime.

Anyways, enjoy the site and we are glad to have you.