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Gary White
02-01-2016, 01:02 AM
Hey I'm Gary, I've been away from any serious shooting for quite a few years...too busy trying to get by, and taking care of family and health issues. Getting old sucks! Many years ago, I caught the shooting bug, I've been a hunter most of my life, until my back and legs stopped cooperating. I shot Trap and Skeet for years, and a bit of IPSCA, and bowling pin shoots, had many fine firearms, and reloaded shotshells, rifle, and handgun cartridges, but sometimes bad luck hits, and you have to sacrifice for the better all around. Working towards hunting deer and other critters again soon, and getting my Harley put back together, when I am physically able. Only guns I have now is my personal defense .40, but will soon change that, since all my kids are full grown. I've been following the FB sites, and THANK YOU John Furman, for having the foresight to start this site, and adding me to the membership. Enough BS, looking forward to making new contacts to get me back where I want to be.