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    Originally created in July of 2015, this map quickly became one of the most used resources of the firearms community in Arizona. The map is easy to read. Red stars are shooting ranges and red pins are open land areas. You can click on each star / pin to pull up more information on that particular spot. Indian Reservations are the dark gray / black areas and are off limits to target shooting.

    This map is available for any shooter to use. We just ask a few things in return. Please pick up your trash when you're done shooting. This includes targets, brass, shotgun shells, trash, food/drink packaging, etc. Much of our land has been trashed by irresponsible people and we would like to see that pattern reversed. Lets work to keep our land nice and clean so future generations can enjoy it!

    Even if you do not reload please still pick up your brass. There are many reloaders on our website who will be more than happy to take your used brass off your hands. Most might even be willing to pay you a bit of money for it. Scrap metal yards will also buy your used brass.

    If you have any additions you would like see added to this map or if you have updated information please e-mail members@azgunbuy.com. If you share this map with others, please share the link to it on this site and do not duplicate / copy the data. Thank you!

    We try our hardest to keep this map up to date with accurate information. Every shooters should double check to verify that the area they want to use is in fact open for public use. We are no responsible for any errors contained within this map.
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    1. John's Avatar
      John -
      Map has been updated to include Indian Reservation land that is off limits to target shooting. These areas are marked in dark gray / black.
    1. highlander1168's Avatar
      highlander1168 -
      I'm a bit of a newb, never gone shooting on open land and want to try it out. I'm thinking of trying the miller road location, but how do I find it once I'm on Miller road Never been out there before. Any help would be appreciated!
    1. edg6988's Avatar
      edg6988 -
      are the sites in Florence still current areas and how do you know where to shoot off price road
    1. JUST4LIBERTY's Avatar
      10/19/2017: I just returned from Table Mesa Road. It is posted with “State Trust Land, NO TARGET SHOOTING, VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED.
    1. FiveFiveSix's Avatar
      FiveFiveSix -
      Awesome ! Thanks for this
    1. Captmaui's Avatar
      Captmaui -
      Just Checking for any updates? many of these places have been posted!
    1. rod's Avatar
      rod -
      Holbrook has a place to shoot. it is behind the Navajo County Jail.
    1. remmy's Avatar
      remmy -
      Make sure you pick up and take out everything you bring to shoot. People have zero respect or regard for the desert and use it as a dump. I wont be surprised when it become illegal to target shoot anywhere except for ranges since people are so selfish and pathetic that they use shooting areas as a dump.
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