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  1. Sticky: Arizona Gun

    Well lets take for example texting and driving. We all know its one of the dumbest things you can be doing while driving but sure as shit people are still doing it. Do we need a law to punish those...
  2. You Can Sell an AR15 Built From an 80 Lower Without A Serial N

    I have a Kasikorn account with online banking K-Cyber Service. There you can apply online for a K-Web Shopping Card. With this fictive card you dont get an actual card you can pay in internet. The...
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    Buying a handgun

    Interesting post I will like to know as well. Is this the one that can replace astro?
  4. Sticky: Arizona Gun

    what are the exhaust laws in illinois, including sound and material, or anything else?
  5. ATF 41F rule changes to how trusts are used to buy or makeNFA fir

    How many inspections have you been through after Matt getting his FFL?rsilvers
  6. Is it Legal to sell my CA purchased Glock i

    I purchased Ultimate. I have always gotten so much playing time out of BF games that I have always considered it very inexpensive entertainment in the long run.
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    Sig sauer tac ops 1911 wt

    I searched for a Sig picture thread on this forum and couldnt find one Lets see some suppressed Sigs
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    sbr atf que

    So, say, I dont want just anyone disposing of my very first service weapon. Instead of money, could I just list my S&W model 28 .357 magnum serial #yadayada on my Schedule a and that would suffice....
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    New guy NFA gun trust que

    I have NFA stuff as an individual. I have gotten a trust completed and would like to transfer the existing NFA stuff into the trust, I know it is another 200.00 per item and that is about all I...
  10. Sticky: Laws you should know if you are going to

    Fine edge, what would you have priced that fireplace at if you knew then what you know now?Jason
  11. Sticky: Arizona Gun

    jerrys: If you want to start a pissing contest about gun laws dont look at me. Im out.
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