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  1. also private sale guide

    Private SalesWhat do I need to buy a gun?
    Money. Optional: Arizona ID. Some buyers want to see a concealed weapon permit for their comfort, but no identification is legally required.

    What do I...
  2. ???

    Statute 13-3106 reads as follows: ​Non-residents can purchase firearms if:

    The firearm is legal in the buyer's home state;
    The transaction must be legal in the buyer's home state;
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    Howdy from a FL boy

    workin' out this way building powerlines. In a few hunting, fishing and gun forums back home, really enjoy the discussions and knowledge and meeting great folks, figured there had to be one out here...
  4. Another out of state gun purchase question

    Read the thread by Jon listed before this thread, read the AZ laws about firearm purchasing,(however) I'm a Fl. resident, working in and out of Mesa and NM. if I read the law correctly, a pvt...
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