I have quite a bit of misc AR15/M4 replacements parts laying around. Don't see what you're looking, PM me and I'll probably have it. Everything ships $4.00 USPS first class from Prescott, AZ (83305) Thanks!

AR15/M4 upper receiver ejection port cover assembly. These are DoD contractor parts kits, 100% USA production. Includes Ejection port cover, pin, spring and snap ring. $12.00 set

AR15/M4 take down/pivot spring and detent (x2 spring, x2 detents). DoD contractor supplied parts kit, made in 100% USA production quality replacement parts. $8.00/set

AR15/M4 end plate lock ring (castle nut). DoD contractor supplied end plate and receiver extension lock ring. $12.00/set

New production lower receiver spring and pin parts kit. Included FCG springs, roll pins and detents. 100% made in USA by DoD contractor. $20/kit

New production A2 front sight post parts kit. Includes A2 sight post, sight detent and sight detent spring. DoD contractor parts kit, 100% USA made. $15/kit

New production AR15/M4 crush washers. DoD contractor supply, USA made. $8/3pc set

New production trigger guard assembly. Kit includes (1) aluminum trigger guard and roll pin. DoD contractor parts kit, 100% USA made. $10/ea kit