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    Professional Photography with Ar's.

    My wife does Profesional Photography. Recently i asked her to try do products shoots with the ars.

    Heres what she came up with.

    "Bipod was to only hold them up, kind spur the moment deal"
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    I really want to do photos like these for my ammunition collection. Pictures of each cartridge and headstamp with a white background and no shadows. How did she do these pictures?
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    Apologies in advance for the necropost, but I thought you might find the following useful:

    Essentially what you're looking for is a lightbox. Years ago I made one out of some 3/4" PVC (for the frame), a few Home Depot clamp lights, some posterboard, and a white cotton sheet from Goodwill.

    For something small and detailed, like brass headstamps, a good macro lens can go a long way.

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