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    ***Sales Rules*** Please Read Before Posting

    NO Auction Links
    This one is pretty much self explanatory

    Membership Fee
    Initial membership is free. Reinstating your membership after you've been stupid is $10.00 per try. We provide a generally free service. But if we have to put up with an ****, there's real money involved. Talking back to an admin or moderator will likely result in a real money cost. Think before you type!!

    Sales of Completed 80% Firearms
    Absolutely NO Sales of Completed 80% Receivers!! NOTHING!! This is a very Gray Area in the rules and I don't want ANYONE here to get in trouble.
    No 80% sales of any kind, finished or not. Only factory serialized and factory manufactured complete permitted.
    Due to current and proposed rules and regulations this is an absolute, and not to be questioned.

    DO NOT sell guns to prohibited possessors or underage people, don't ruin it for the rest of us!!!

    Allowed items
    The Private Party Firearm Sales forum is for firearm sales only. Dealer sales, gun parts, accessories, etc all belong in their respective forums.

    Pictures are required with each for sale or for trade ad. "I'm posting now and will add pics later" doesn't work. If you don't have the pictures yet then don't post. Any for sale ads without pictures will be deleted. Internet catalog pictures, Google Images, etc are not allowed. Your pictures must be real pictures that you took. We ask this so the item's condition can be see in the pictures. If you are not in possession of an item (and can't provide pics), you cannot list it for sale. Additionally, pics need to be embedded in ads. Do not post links.
    Please include a price in the title of your ad. An example of an appropriate format would be "Glock 17 and accessories - $450". If your ad is trade only then please substitute the price with "WTT" (want to trade) BUT TRADE VALUE IS STILL NEEDED IN THE BODY OF THE AD.

    Please accurately describe the item you are selling. Things like condition, how many rounds have been shot through it, age, etc are all good things to include. Also include what extras (ammo, holsters, etc) if any that it will come with.

    Posting in multiple sites
    NO, this is NOT allowed here, if you post here, don't post it elsewhere. If you want to sell nationwide and would like to post in GunBroker, remove your AD here
    Please include your location in the description of your ad. City at a bare minimum should be include, but it is even better if you can include what major cross roads you're close to.

    Bumping Ads
    Bumping an ad / post is defined as replying to your own thread to "bump" it back to the top of the listings. This is permitted every 3 days. Excessive bumps or early bumps will at the very least result in the bump being deleted or could result in the post being deleted. In addition, if you have already posted something for sale, do not create a new ad instead of bumping the original. If something has changed, update the ad, do not make a new one.

    When your item is sold, modify the subject to include [SOLD] at the beginning. Do not delete anything in the posting.

    Contact information
    You are welcome to share whatever contact information you want. We do however suggest that you do not put your cell phone number or email address in your ad for both privacy and security reasons. Our site has an excellent private messaging (PM) system that we encourage everyone to use. When making a deal with someone you will almost certainly have to share your phone number, we just suggest that you send it to them via PM instead of posting it. Also, if you send your contact info to someone it is a good idea to reply to the thread it is in reference to with something like "I sent you a PM" so they know to look for it.
    Who can buy, sell, and trade on this page
    We do not allow minors, criminals, or any other prohibited possessors to use this site. If you are not able to pass a 4473 (background check) then you are not welcome to use this site. All members who buy, sell, and trade on this page must be Arizona residents.
    Ratings & Feedback We have a system to leave ratings and feedback on both buyers and sellers. It works similar to the feedback system on eBay. When you have a deal with another member please take a minute and leave feedback on that person. This helps others in the community establish if someone is good to deal with or is a problem. Negative feedback gets forwarded to the staff of this site so we can monitor and remove individuals who prove to be a problem.
    If you commit to a deal or make arrangements with another member you are expected to follow through with it. If something comes up most people are understanding, but don't just leave someone high and dry without any communications. Anyone that is caught not showing up to an agreed deal will be removed from the site.

    If someone flakes on you, it is your duty to report whomever flaked out!! If you refuse to report the flake, you are as guilty as the flake, and you automatically default your right to complain, Piss, Moan or Bitch!! IF you do, you are as guilty and you will earn an infraction.


    People, DO NOT mess with this one. NOT AT ALL!!! As long as the NFA is the rule of the land, WE WILL NOT Post anything that might be iffy and or violate the NFA LAW!! NOTHING!! This will become an outright ban!! We will not get our forum closed because you can't read or follow laws!! You want to break the NFA Law at home, fine, DO NOT bring your criminal behavior here!!

    Post Crapping
    If you are not contributing to a post in a constructive manner, you are crapping on a post, if you do, you will suffer the consequences!

    We have these rules to help keep things clean, legal, and safe. If you do not like these rules then you are free to see yourself out and go somewhere else. Administrators and moderators will enforce these rules on as needed basis. It is up to the individual administrator or moderator what action is taken for a violation of rules. We are fair, but we are also firm. Follow the rules and don't be an asshat and you will be fine. We will stop giving warnings, if you don't follow the rules, we won't give you time to fix your mistakes, your thread will be locked and depending on each moderator or admin, you might get banned. So save us the aggravation, READ the rules!!

    Old Posts

    Guys, be smart, if the post is over a year old, don't dig it up, PM the seller!!! Most likely the gun is already sold!!! Posts prior to June 1 2020 have been locked, seems like some of you can't read the rules and or follow directions, if you need your thread unlocked, contact Admins!!

    Negotiating PRICE/TRADE
    Take negotiations to PM. DO NOT post in a sales thread to make an offer or discuss your dissatisfaction with the price or stated value of an item by the member posting the ad.
    Simple internet and board etiquette.

    DO NOT RESUBMIT an ad/post if it isn't immediately visible on the forum.
    Chances are you were flagged by the software and your ad was placed in a moderated bin for review. If you believe this is the case, PM a moderator/admin to take a look.
    We will look at it as soon as possible and approve as necessary. If you resubmit repeatedly, resulting in a moderator having to clean it up you may receive an infraction/warning.

    Multiple/alt/troll accounts
    Obviously, this is just a NO.
    If a current member is discovered to have multiple accounts, he/she will be expected to explain why this is the case.
    If you are unable to access a previous account, or have password issues, reach out to forum admin. DO NOT register another account.
    This will result in an infraction being placed against your account that will not expire, and you may be banned entirely.

    ***These rules are subject to change at any time with or without notice. It is your responsibility to occasionally check the rules to ensure that you are up to date on them.
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    "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

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    Posts prior to June 1 2020 have been locked, if you need your thread unlocked, contact Admins!!

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    Read the rules, the Rule on Flakes has been amended!!!

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