Hello, I am searching for a Licence ACLS/BLS Trainer for a private Group day event. The goal is to receive Arizona certifications for CPR, First Aid, START triage, and major Bleed control below BLS to protect under Good Samaritan Law. We are expected to have maybe 10-15 people involved and looking to cover things such as MedRoe under a protest/ civil unrest environment (such as helping injuried parties get extracted out of the protest area and into the staging area of medical or PD). I would also want to talk about SOP's and make it clear what are legal go and no go treatments under the law prevent legal risk for providing aid. We are looking to pretty much get any and all certs we could under a 8 hr(or more) training class . I would also like to practice these life skills and run through what should be SOP for common and Immediate Injuries. The mindset we are looking for would be in heavy public events such as protest/riots, venue related events, etc. I realize we can't supplement medical services, that is not the goal, the goal is to support medical services in an area that medical would not be cleared to enter but people would likely be injuried. We would be will to pay for this service either as a group rate or figured out a price point that would be good for person to person price point. we would need at least month out in scheduling (it can be a pain to try to get all the guys together so the further out we can schedule it the more people would be able to pay/ participate). I know we are asking a lot and I would love to setup a meet before hand and hash out the details and go over the lesson plan just to cover expectations and suggest ideas (Im truly open minded to the best way our group could serve in this function).
Thank you in advance for your interest.