Hi All,

New here! I inherited a few wheel guns from my dad, but one I'm considering to trade or sell to get a rifle I like.

Anyways, from what I'm researching and understanding about this revolver is that it's pretty rare and I'd like to get an estimated value for it so I know a gun shop wouldn't low-ball me on trade value.
Selling is another option, but I've never done that and I guess I'd prefer to avoid the hassle.

Anyways, it's a Smith & Wesson Model 586 in Nickle with original wood grips. I believe it's manufactured in the 1980's, S&W only nickled 1 out of 10 mod. 586 back then, it's pre-lock and no dash model. 4" barrel.

I believe the "no dash / pre-lock" aside from being nickle are rare characteristics that add value.

Any ideas of what this is worth?