Basically a donation; just a nominal "rehoming" fee. This is an Ohaus Analytical Plus digital scale; Does measure in Grains.. it's a very VERY precise scale; the type found in medical facilities; Max weight for this scale I think is 200grams; so it's for small precision weighing.

Anyhow Just a 10 dollar rehome fee; works just FINE. I just have another and thus don't need this; Do be advised that it is rather large/heavy so it does take up some space on the bench but it's great for precision work; sliding glass doors for side or top entry; it has it's own motorized internal checkweight routine etc;

it'd be a MAJOR PITA to ship; thus a nominal fee for FTF transaction in Tucson; and it's a pay it forward type thing as I got it roughly under the same circumstances; but even on the "used" market such a scale can command $300-$900 dollars