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Thread: Trading guns?

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    Trading guns?

    As a new arrival to the beautiful state of AZ, I have no idea about this and wanted to ask here. Wouldn't want to get into any trouble...

    I have 2 pistols that I want to 'trade'...rather than sell them to a gun store and buy the ones I want. I realize that if no one wants them or has the ones I want I will have to do some sort of sell/buy anyway, but how would I start? Post them on this forum? Or somewhere else?

    All help appreciated!

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    Pick up a copy of the Arizona Gun Owner's Guide by Alan Korwin if you don't have one already.

    There's more info here specific to your question in the "Arizona Gun Sales Preemption" section (below all the ccw stuff.)

    f2f, Arizona resident (most people ask to see an AZ DL or CCW permit,) not a prohibited possessor for starters.

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    are you now a permanent resident of the great state of Arizona?

    do you have a state issued ID?

    unless you are a prohibited possessor, and have residency here with ID, you should be GTG for buying, selling, and trading within the state.

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